Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Scientia potentia est

[I've copy-pasted a few articles below, for a bit of light reading. Also emailed it to a few of you - apologies for the repeat spam. 

Anyone see a trend?



"Jeff [a guy at Google - RN] wanted people to start thinking of having very large scale systems of 10M machines split into 1k different locations and how these would deal with consistency, availability, latency, failure modes, and adaptively minimizing costs (especially power costs)."

[That's ten million machines, in case you missed it, at a thousand locations.]


"On Monday, a group of major libraries that are participating in Google’s Library Project, said they are working together to create what amounts to a publicly accessible backup of the digital library that Google is creating. The project, which is called HathiTrust, includes libraries at 12 Midwestern universities like the University of Michigan, the University of Iowa and the University of Illinois, plus the 11 libraries of the University of California system. (Hathi is Hindi for “elephant,” an animal that is said to never forget.)"

[PLUS all the old stuff:]

New satellite to give Google Maps unprecedented resolution

The idea of floating data centers is hardly a new one, but Google looks like it might be set to take things a big step further than most, at least if one of its recent patent applications is any indication. Apparently, Google not only plans to take advantage of the sea water for a cooling system, but generate power for the floating platforms using so-called Pelamis Wave Energy Converters as well. 

Google to Digitize Newspaper Archives

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