Monday, 30 June 2008

Patrick's point - keeping critical thinking alive

Hey -

Had a great conversation with Patrick today, who said something I know I agree with. He said that one of the best things he'd gotten out of Cambridge was the ability to think critically; and that leaving Cambridge could sometimes lead to a weakening (perhaps an atrophying?) of that ability. I know I sometimes wonder about the same thing.

Which is why this blog is such a great idea.

I think there are two reasons why we've been able to think critically (or more critically) this last year. First, our continuous engagement with the essays, assignments, term papers, theses - a whole bunch of tasks that force us to stretch out and think - helps keep the machinery degreased, so to speak. Second - and most important - this luxury we have of being able to bounce ideas off a lot of smart, clear-headed people, and in turn have ideas bounced off of us, has been really helpful. It's a huge bonus, something we may not always get when we leave Cambridge; and I think this is what I've really gotten from the discussions and conversations we've had in and out of class.

I think this blog helps with both. We're sharing brain fodder here, with the links and comments we post. If we can get (and keep) our discussions going on in here, we'll keep our brains exercised - and our edge sharp.

I'm glad this thing has been set up!

Just a thought.

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