Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Ceremonial First Post

Welcome to the Technology Policy 2007/2008 Alumni Blog. We’re all heading off to employment (or unemployment, as the case may be), but this will be a way to keep in touch and keep all those random corridor conversations going. The name of the blog, “I have Two Questions” was, of course, inspired by Rahul. I think I learned more from his questions than I did from the lectures themselves.

The name of the blog says it all. Feel free to post or reply to any topic that interests you, and try to end each post with a couple questions that other people can think or write about. If you read an interesting article, share it. If you want to get opinions on a concept or idea, throw it up on the blog for everyone to read. No word limits or grading or any other TP1 garbage, but short and light posts are welcome. We also reserve the right to laugh at you if you post something really stupid…such as mentioning West Virginia.


  1. Ok -



    Damn, nothing to ask. It isn't working any more. Blake, you've jinxed me!

    Ha, ha!

    Anyway - great work starting this, and a hell of a good idea. I'll be putting something up right away, actually.

  2. PS Why blame Blake, instead of Grant? Because apparently "Rahul Two Questions Thursday" was Blake's idea.

    Did Mark ever know about Mark Ramsdale Thursday when _that_ happened, by the way? Mark?