Tuesday, 27 January 2009

"Technology Gets a Piece of Stimulus"

Excited about funneling money to electronic health records (How will we keep them secure? Biometrics!), but what function should technology play in a 21st century stimulus package when old-fashioned public works projects are time-tested?


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  1. The only problem is that these programs represent less than 5% of the stimulus. An improved electricity grid and national internet coverage are critical investments in our country's future and will greatly enhance our national competitiveness. I think public transport infrastructure (subways and trains) should also be a key component before roads. Our roads are fine...

    As for healthcare, electronic records are a step in the right direction. I think a more basic improvement is simply the standardization of record keeping. This simple improvement can deliver dramatic efficiencies in the largely manual processes of billing and claims processing, and will also help doctors clearly understand patient histories. I assume standardization is a prerequisite for electronic record keeping...so i'm on board.